KC's Wild Facts

(Kool Cat)

(Kool Cat)
KC's Wild Facts 
KC's Photo Gallery 
You can use these pictures on your school work, but please don't copy and use them for any other purposes
Bee swarms. 
Photos courtesy of Thomas Seely.
Nefertiti, the Jumping Johnson Spider that became a spidernaut.ertiti, the  that became a spidernaut.
Photo courtesy of NASA.
Giant Galapagos Island Tortoises
Blue-footed boobies.  

Center photo courtesy of Marcus G. Martin.
Northern Pocket Gopher. 

Photos courtesy of Mount St. Helens and US Forest Service.
Northern Elephant Seals, at Seal Beach, California.
Monarch butterflies. One generation flies from Canada to Mexico. 
Western Lowland Gorillas. The picture on the right was taken by Kabir Blakey
Bonobos console each other, try to make each other feel better. Photos courtesy of Dr. Zanna Clay.
Mourning Cloak Butterfly laying eggs. The eggs around a branch. It's caterpillar, the butterfly chrysalis and then the grown mourning cloak butterfly.
Jason Bourque, a student at the University of Florida worked with his professor, Jonathan Bloch, in the discovery of Titanoboa. Jason drew the picture on the left. The picture on the right is a fossil of Titanoboa vertebra--one of the bones that makes up the spine of an animal. JRay Carson of the University of Florida took the picture of these two cool bones.
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Magnetic Magic 
from Arbordale
This is the picture of the icebreaker  Laura Gemery and other paleoclimatologists use to study weather in the Arctic millions of years ago.  The little shells are what they use to determine what the temperature and salinity might have been.
Sandhill cranes.