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Wilhelmina's Howling Halloween Party by Terry Catasus Jennings

by Kool Cat KC on 10/27/18

Wilhelmina’s cauldron sprung a leak.

How could she brew the powerful purple potion she always prepared for her Halloween party?

Bubble gum!

Four well-chewed pieces fixed the crack.

The powerful purple potion was brewed in the blink of a bat.


Petunia tried the potion first, she gave a little shiver. It was delicious.

But soon, Petunia was higher than the trees.

Wilhelmina shrieked, Petunia had promised to play the xylophone at the party!


What to do?

Extra-long straws! A spell to raise the xylophone!

It was the most Howling Halloween party ever, 

Even if it was above the trees.

Comments (13)

1. janet smart said on 10/27/18 - 08:34AM
Cute story. I loved 'in the blink of a bat.'
2. Terry Jennings said on 10/27/18 - 08:45AM
Thanks, loved it when the bat hit me in the "eye" and replaced it.
3. Johnell said on 10/27/18 - 09:48AM
Oops, that pesky bubble gum surprise. :) Good luck!
4. Rose Cappelli said on 10/27/18 - 11:12AM
Very original story! Good luck!
5. Nancy Riley said on 10/27/18 - 06:02PM
I'm glad the bubble gum did the trick! Good luck!
6. Maria Marshall said on 10/27/18 - 10:52PM
Oh the dangers of bubble gum. I too liked "in the blink of a bat." Good luck.
7. Angela Hawkins said on 10/28/18 - 07:04AM
Always carry bubblegum I suppose! Very creative. Good luck!
8. Gregory E. Bray said on 10/29/18 - 08:26AM
It would be a great view of Halloween from above the trees. Good luck!
9. Susanna Leonard Hill said on 11/1/18 - 05:30PM
Quick thinking to patch the hole with chewing gum! Sounds like Wilhelmina accidentally made the potion a little strong! But all the more fun :) Thanks for joining in the halloweensie high jinx, Terry!
10. Terry Catasús Jennings said on 11/1/18 - 11:21PM
I loved joining the high jinx. Thanks for doing this. It was so much fun reading the entries
11. Candice Conner said on 11/4/18 - 04:11AM
These are some quick thinking witches! Good luck!
12. Mishka said on 11/9/18 - 12:39PM
Found your entry at last. I love it!
13. Terry Catasús Jennings said on 11/9/18 - 07:21PM
Thanks! Of course, bezzie. You are the best.

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